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tv   Today  NBC  September 8, 2010 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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we are back with more of "today" on a wednesday morning, the 8th day of september, 2010. a couple of minutes ago we were out here and it was drizzling and now it cleared up beautifully. crystal blue skies and not a cloud in it over our plaza. it moved through and now it gets windy. i was just in the midst of good news. >> maybe people like wind. >> matt lauer with mr. downer, al roker. we are with these nice people. thank you very much for sticking
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around. by the way, we showed you amazing video. the lion attacking a trainer at the mgm grand in las vegas. luckily for the trainer, he escaped with minor jurisdiction. he required stitches, but it could have been much, much worse. we will talk to the couple who shot this video. they were on their honeymoon at the time. they were clearly startled as were the other on lookers. >> definitely temper mental. >> money 911, our experts will be looking at timly advice if you are under water on your mortgage and the best way to stretch your dollar if you are trying to save. how a bankruptcy filing affects your credit and for how long. >> you picked the bride and the groom and the rings and the reception location. now we showed you the choices for the bride's dress. all in preparation for the dig bay september 30th.
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you will see that coming up. the up to date accessories that are now the hot newest thing to go along with the dress. a modern version with something old, something new. something borrowed, something blue. >> we are celebrating. >> las vegas. the little white chapel. >> ann is at the news desk for a check of the headline. >> thanks a lot, matt. in the news, bp said their own investigation found that no single factor caused the oil rig disaster last april that set off one of the worst environmental disasters in u.s. history. in a post on their website, they call it a tragedy that arose from a complex series of mechanical failures, engineering designs, human judgments and a lack of teamwork. 11 workers died when the rig exploded. a wind-driven fire destroyed at least two dozen homes in detroit on tuesday. they believe the blaze was
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sparked by tree limbs that fell on to power lines and it fell from house to house, 85 in all. no injuries have been reported, but 100,000 people lost power. a wildfire near boulder colorado destroyed about 100 buildings, half of them houses. it forced 3500 people to evacuate and federal agencies are now commanding the firefighting effort as the area is now under a state of emergency. president obama heads to cleveland where he will propose giving small tax breaks to hire more workers. the president is going to urge congress to select tax cuts for wealthy americans expire. leader john boehner said he fought to block that by calling for a two-year freeze on all tax rates. >> iran's foreign ministry suspended the death by stoning sentence for a woman convicted of adultery and will review her
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case that sparked outrage. the vatican with the condemn nation plans to burn copies of the koran on the ninth anniversary of the september 11 attacks. pastor terry jones in a small church said he is weighing the threat to burn the muslim holy book despite pressures from the obama administration and many others. two soldiers have been killed in iraq, the first since the military ended operations there more than a week ago. the troops were shot by an iraqi soldier following an argument at an iraqi compound. nine others were wounded. two suspected missile strikes that targets northwestern pakistan. they said at least 10 members of a group attacks nato forces were killed. the fbi is trying to find out who wrote a bomb threat on the bathroom wall on a jet that landed safely in los angeles and some 200 passengers were
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interview and no bomb was found. both los angeles police chief is appealing for a calm and promising a thorough investigation of sunday's shooting of a day laborer that led to two days of protest. they arrested 22 demonstrators after some of them pelted the police station with eggs, rocks and bottles. they shot the immigrant twice when he lunged at with a knife. the 32 chilean miners got a glimpse of the world outside on tuesday. they got to watch their national soccer team play a friendly match against ukraine. the players for the team wore t-shirts that read strength to the miners during the national anthem. they have been trapped since an august 5th cave in. we will go back outside to matt. >> mr. roker? >> nice folks here. lake charles, louisiana.
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>> the cowboys! >> want to say to anybody? >> hey, mom. >> let's check the weather and see what's happening. we have the rainfall totals in texas. it has been rough. we are talking about anywhere from to ten inches of rain the last 24 hours. look at the radar. it continues to train up into wichita falls. they continue to drop tons of rain. we have flood warnings and watches in effect and in fact right now we are looking radar on rain wise. 8 to 12 inches of rain from oklahoma to tulsa. there is going to be flooding into springfield, >> there is just a slight chance you'll run into a brief rainshowers this morning. things should clear out the second and it will be breezy and
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that's your latest weather. ann? >> thank you so much. now to the dramatic footage of a trainer in mgm grand in las vegas gettinging attacked by a lion. the animal lunged in full view of tourists and spectators. the trainer only received stitches in his leg, but it was all caught on tape by a couple that was honeymooning in las vegas at the time. that couple is here from boseman, montana joining us by skype. good morning. >> morning. >> describe how this unfolded as we look at the videotape again. >> well, first we just saw the train they're got attacked that was cleaning off the lion.
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right before that happened, he stepped back to the side and as you can see, we were filming the lion chewing on the stool at first because we thought that was the entertaining part. then that happened. >> what do you think happened here? did you feel that this was -- it looks as if it was unprovoked. titus? >> yeah. earlier he was cleaning the lion a little bit and picking hair off of him. just kind of taking care of him. it doesn't seem like he was provoking him at all. >> you mentioned this chair, drew. is it possible that the lion mistook the trainer for the chair or was somehow playing? was there a connection? >> i don't think so. the lioness is the one playing with the chair and she was in her own world until that happened. she kind of comes over and it looks like to us that she was
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trying to help the trainer that was getting attacked and push him away. >> it does look like that. i think you're right. your reaction -- >> she is trying to sniff at him and trying to protect himself right there. he every right to do that. i don't think it's provoked. they are wild animals. >> how did you hold the camera so steady? >> i don't know. it was very shocking, but -- i don't know. >> you are laughing because it's amazing that you were able to hold it so steady because your emotions must have been running wild. >> they were. i was definitely shock and at first i thought should i continue filming this? it seemed horrific, but there was nothing i could do to help.
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>> so you actually were concerned that the trainer was getting hurt? >> oh, yeah. definitely. we didn't know how it was going to end and if he was getting away. there happened to be a door right below us when the man finally gets out of the picture, the lion is looking for him and looking for him at the end of this. i guess that's where he slipped out to get away from him. the lion didn't seem like he wanted anything to do with the other trainer. he was set on the one he bitten. >> not something you expect to happen on your honeymoon. >> no. >> it was a dramatic beginning and titus and drew, we wish you a great marriage and thank you so much for spending time with us. i think you will be good at your family videos. good luck with that. >> thank you. >> coming up next on today's
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>> if you are under water on your home, we have the financial editor and author of money 911. we have the author of start over, finish which. melissa lee, the host of cnbc's fast money. good to see you. let's get started. we have a live question from skype from katie who comes to us -- where are you from, katie? >> ft. meyers, florida. >> what's your question? >> i am a 29-year-old single mother with a 4-month-old daughter. i want to know what type of account is best to save for her college and my retirement where i get the most for my money and what's ideal on a $50,000 annual income. >> that's fabulous and good for you for not just thinking about college, but putting retirement in the mix. you have to put your own
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retirement first. do you have a 401(k) plan at work or another plan where your employer is willing to throw in matching dollars? >> yes. >> that's where you go first. that's like the last free lunch on the planet. grab every one of the matching dollars you possibly can and aside from that, i would open a 529 college savings plan. saving for and if you can put $1,000 in there a year and maybe three or four into the 401(k), you will do just fine. >> thank you. >> good luck, katie. next up an e-mail sent by peggy in philadelphia, pennsylvania. she writes her sister is bankrupt and has an ssd check each month. she need to apply for a smaller apartment and gets a credit check. there two bills besides rent and medical insurance.
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i think she is two months behind on medical. she is four months behind. what should she do? >> her goal is to rent an apartment. if that's the goal, you are talking about 90 days from now. your credit score is 50 points higher or first and last month's rent. someone is saying i want to help her get into that apartment. they would be better off to save that money for her to help her pay first and last month's represent to get an apartment. if she went through bankruptcy, it's possible that the bills were vacated. they should go back and check what happened and see were the bills vacated. they would come off of her score. paying them off, that will be on her record for years. frankly had helps to pay it off, but it won't help that much. >> first and last month. the next question is from south carolina by phone. roxanne, good morning.
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>> good morning. >> what's your question? >> i have a question about my mortgage. i own a two bedroom town house and i'm interested in relocating, but i'm not sure what to do with the house. i would like to sell, but like many others, i bought in the peak of the market and my house is worth about 50,0$50,000 lessn what my current loan amount is. also i'm thinking about renting it, but i'm not sure i can rent it out because my mortgage payment is high and i'm not sure i can rent it at the rate of my payment. i also tried to refinance and i was unable because of the value of the home. i'm concerned about what i should do. if you have advice, that would be great. >> she is in the same situation as so many people. >> it's unfortunate and common. let's break down your options. refinancing and selling. if you want to refinance, you should look into home affordable refinance for americans like you
9:19 am
who are under water in the mortgages who want to take advantage of mortgage ratings right now. a couple of criteria is the loan has to be a fanny or freddie loan and it can't be more than 120% more than the current value. you have to be current on the mortgage and it has to be a primary resident. what it could do is set you up so you stay in the home and relocate down the line. maybe you sell when the market is better. in terms of selling, talk to your lender and communicate. it's in the lender's interest to avoid foreclosure. that's a lengthy skproprocess a they're willing to do a short sale. >> any chance kuwait before you relocate? >> i have a job, and i'm not in a bad situation. thank you, guys. >> good luck. time for another e-mail from abby in connecticut. she wrote i got out of debt
9:20 am
except for student loans. i haven't used credit cards in over three years and my accounts were closed and i was approved for two credit cars and have been making the payments in full. i'm considering rebuilding my credit and what kind of card would be good for me. does she need to apply for another card? >> having a store card is note going to build your credit score the way that having a visa or mastercard or cars like that will overtime. if you are looking at a mortgage or car loan in the near future, it's something you may want to consider. it's nice to have it for a back pocket emergency. i would go to low they have looked at all the credit cards out there. it will enable you to do a quick and easy comparison to find out which is right. pull a credit score from or credit you want to know where you are to figure out if your score is
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my commute home to the eastern shore every night only takes an hour but that's more time than congress spends reading massive spending bills, it's crazy. that's why i wrote a law that requires 72 hours to read every bill. i read the big bills and i said no.
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no to the $3 trillion budget, no to the bank bailout, and no to the health care bill. at home you would never pay a bill without reading it neither should congress. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message because i'm proud to be ranked one of the most independent members of congress. >> live, local, latebreaking. this is a wbal-tv 11 news update. >> there is a chance for a couple of sprinkles this morning as the cold front goes by. only a 30% chance. most of you will have a dry day. greasy and warm in the afternoon. if you like cooler weather, it will come back in the next few days. and sniffling] ♪
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banana pancakes. french fries. happy birthday cake. ♪ >> one of the most trustworthy news people in america. ann curry reliving her first job looking back at all of our first jobs. oh, boy. oh, yeah. she takes us back to the days of baby-sitting and gabbing with her husband, brian. i don't know. natalie shows off her pet taming skills at a pet shop back in the
9:31 am
day where she wanted to be a veterinarian. coming up tomorrow on "today." meanwhile, you will be talking about inspiring young women. >> glamour magazine picked them and named 10 college women as the top. we will meet several of them. they are impressive. we will find out what the future may hold. one is a basketball player. a good one. >> wonderful. earlier this morning, we asked you to weigh in on the wedding dress and tux for the wedding couple who will tie the knot and it's time to talk about the bridal accessories from a custom to a vintage vail. we will help you update your fall wardrobe with the five hottest hews. all that is coming up. >> let's go to al for the weather. >> let's check it out. wet weather in new england and eastern great lakes. heavy rain from hermine.
9:32 am
then tomorrow we have more wet weather ahead as heavy rain moves into missouri. strong storms and wet weather in the pacific northwest. sunny and hot >> there is just a slight chance you'll run into a brief rainshowers this morning. things should clear out the second and it will be breezy and that's your latest weather. >> thank you, al. up next, the brightest stars of the future. some of the glamour magazine's top 10 college woman. right after this. i'm your genie. you're wishing
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as i understa cindy levy, maya moore and mackenzie lawry are three of the winners of the competition. how did i do with your names? this is an amazing thing you do because it must bolster so many of these accomplished women into greater heights. what are the criteria? >> we are looking for women who are academically excellent and involved on the campuses, but we are looking for people with the special spark. women who have seen a problem and taken steps to correct it and blazed their own path. we are looking for that woman when you read her application you want to vote for her for president and read her memoire. no pressure or anything. >> certainly you have seen a problem and tried to make it right. you lived the problem. i will read what i have in terms of the research and correct me if it's wrong. you dressed as a boy for years and going to a secret school in
9:37 am
afghanistan? >> yes. >> just to get an education and when you were 16 you went further and made a request. what did you ask? >> i went to my village with my father and there was a need for a school for the children there. a couple of village men donated a piece of land for the village to use as a school. the children were sitting on the ground under the sunshine and studying. their enthusiasm really drove me in go back to kabul and talk to the minster of education to propose the building of a school. >> at 16 years old you did this? >> yes. so far we have six classrooms and a well for clean drinking water and i hope to build additional classrooms to be the first girl's high school in my village. what inspires me is the fact that people in the village
9:38 am
really want to educate their daughters. that to me is huge. i know that there a lot of people in the area in afghanistan to have their daughters educate and they are lacking the resources. >> powerful. you are a great humanitarian for people and especially the girls in afghanistan that you get this award is really poignant. maya, you are considered one of the best basketball players in the country from the university of connecticut. the huskies. you helped lead yore team to back to back undefeated seasons setting a division one women's basketball record of 78 consecutive wins. your dream? >> my dream, i have many. of course on the court i want to be able to play and compete and win at the highest level. olympics and wnba and title. i think one of the great things is my sport has given me a
9:39 am
platform to reach people of all ages, especially kids. to be able to unite through sports. it's so universal and it brings people together. i have been able to touch kids and i hear different stories and it warms my heart to feel like i'm a great role model, being a great student representing the classroom and on the court. always trying to be a positive role model for all people. >> i know you get to play with president obama. we are running out of time and can't talk to you about that. i need to ask you because you did something really significant. you pushed for a cigarette state tax inkrocrease in iowa and deferred going to harvard to make sure it passed. >> the cigarette tax is important to me because it was a personal issue. my dad passed away my freshman year of high school after being
9:40 am
a lifelong smoker and very suddenly from lung cancer. for me the tax is note just an important public health initiative, but a cause that i deeply cared about. still care about. i dream of a tobacco-free tomorrow. deferring harvard for a year felt like what i had to do. in order to get closer to that dream. >> you were driven by a passion and a love. now this is inspired a in politics for you. >> perhaps. >> you are going to win the big championship, aren't you? >> that's the goal. >> to be a rowe model. allhree of you, terrific role models. thank you so much for helping to introduce women we would never know about that our daughters should see and watch. thank you so much. thank you. i know there seven more. >> great role models. >> congratulations to them. coming up next, a new twist on
9:41 am
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>> this morning on today's wedding, accessories for the bride. something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue is traditional. if you are modern, you can still incorporate it. >> we have this year's "today" show bride to be. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> lots of good ideas on the something, something new. >> are there rules? >> there no rules. being a bride you can forget about paying attention to rules. our job defines the newest and the latest. this is the one day you want to be like no one else.
9:45 am
these custom options are made for you without breaking the bank. we have great ones. fun ways to add spirit to your look. >> speaking of something old, you have a twist on this. >> madam for will take your old piece fist you have charms you wish to incorporate and build these charm bracelets. she will build it for you or you can give them as gifts to brides maids. don't worry if you don't have them, she has an amazing collection. you can wrap it around the bottom of your bouquet. >> you said you have a charm bracelet. >> perfect, yes. >> that's a nice idea. >> these bands? >> these aren't old, but they are old fashioned-looking. this is a real 1940s, something that we need a lot of. these are fro from twigs and money and they start at $44.
9:46 am
they are quite affordable and it's real vintagy old fashioned in a new way. >> do people do the garter thing. >> talk to us about that. >> sometimes they do and sometimes it's itchy and silly and funny, but something new, they make these custom garters and you pick the exact color. they do lovely beading. even if you don't take it off and throw it, maybe only your husband will see it. wait, are we supposed to be watching? >> really. >> what are these? >> only the most important vessel to carry the beautiful rings down the aisle. this is something new from emerson this is a husband and wife team behind this line. you know there is a lot of love going into it. we have the real rings. >> i'm not allowed to touch
9:47 am
them, but take a look. it's something really pretty and hand made is a nice way to do it. >> now for something borrowed. >> this lady, her line is called romancing the bling. you can find it on etsy. she has broaches and pins and fashions them into hair combs and clips. a little sparkle and you can hook it on to the vail eil. >> something blue? >> these are from the shop. they do more than one thing. you can clip these on your shoes even if no one were going to see them. that is fun. >> you could. >> you, these could be a fun flower girl or broid's maid clip. >> a hat or a broach or a
9:48 am
pteradactyl. >> the shoes are a fun place to do something blue. peeking out when you are dancing. >> a great idea. >> can you do that? >> i wore blue shoes. maybe people see them and maybe not. there is something blue. these are from unforgettable moments and they come in a wide range of colors. do you like it all? >> yes. >> thank you so much. >> coming up, something else to get excited about. five fall colors to update your
9:49 am
9:50 am
this morning, fabulous colors for fall as the summer whites get pushed to the back of the closet. time to think of adding fresh colors for the season. we have a contributing editor
9:51 am
for live and style magazine. >> good morning. >> colors are the new black again? >> of course. you have the blacks and the grays and the browns, but i love what we see on the runway for fall. jewel tones and purples and new neutrals like alive and camel. >> speaking of the bright colors, we have erin here wearing an on trend look. >> like a red. we associate valentino, but armani. what i love about this red is not a lot of women feel comfortable in red. a red sweater is a great option for fall. for $39, you can get this amazing color. you also want to think about the colors you are pairing with. think about denim, camel and anything with brown. those are great combinations with the red. find a great pair of jeans. this equestrian look with the
9:52 am
great patches on the elbows and the military. >> you have the brass and the tassel on the back. it gives you a head to toe look. i bought that sweater the other day in olive. that's the next color trend. erin, you look color. let's move over to the next model, danielle. speaking of the olive and military, that's in. >> we have been seeing a lot. every celebrity has been wearing this in a casual way. what we are seeing for fall is military glam. i love these. these are from the gap. the way they made it fabulous is adding the tuxedo stripe. for $49 you have this great pair of pants. >> you can dress it up or down. >> i want to dress it up which is the look you want. a great beaded top. this is $34. sexy heels. now you have the whole look. it's not drab, it's fab.
9:53 am
>> to dress it down, take down the heel. >> tle on sneakers and a t-shirt and a jean jacket for a whole other look. >> great look. let's move on over to shina. purple is another with the jewel tone. always very big. gorgeous. >> the purple reigned on the runway this fall. it was rich and the fashion is very big. i love this look. when you are wearing purple, you think about what looks good with it. gray is a perfect color to compliment it. i love the pencil skirt with the shearing right here. people who want more coverage on the stomach, it's new york and company. this is $36. i love that even though it's plastic, it has the zippers. also accessories. i love these. >> excellent. thank you. let's move over to the next
9:54 am
trend. cobalt blue as well. >> this is another exciting jewel tone. we saw a lot of blue on the fall fashion shows. i love this tealy color. >> i love the neck line. >> she looks like she could be angelina. >> she does. a tough girl. >> that color combination for the blue is black. that makes the top. this coat is only $80. >> how can you go wrong. >> the fold over booties from baker. they are $79. amazing. we love them. >> last we have camel. camel is one of the colors that it's such a classic that you can never go wrong investing in anything camel. >> camel is amazing and it's $99. every girl needs a camel coat. it's so versatile, you can throw it on over jean or a black dress
9:55 am
for night. this is a great work look. you throw on a pencil skpirt leopard is a great thing. >> very in right now. >> a hat to top it off. >> thank you so much. wonderful job. all well done. great finds. thank you. still to come this morning, holda and kathie lee tryout unusual work out ger to see if it works. new ideas for your kids for lunch.
9:56 am
9:57 am
>> live, local, latebreaking. this is a wbal-tv 11 news update. >> there is a slight chance we will see a few sprinkles and showers this morning as the cold
9:58 am
front goes by. this afternoon things will dry out and it will turn breezy and mild. it will cool off in the next few days. 70's on thursday and friday.
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